Subject:                                     AFFORDABLE  CFD SOFTWARE with UNLIMITED research/universities license


new license CFD package

UNlimited license / parallel AT LOWEST COST 




About the licenses

·         Annual subscription with membership

·         Access FINEOpen with OpenLabs with UNLIMITED licences and PARALLEL cores

·         Documentation/Tutorials are provided

·         Access to online discussion forum

·         Possibility for labs exchange

CFD with OpenLabs

·         A Lab is a set of algebraic expressions accessing FINE/Open routines and sources, allowing unlimited customization for your own code usage,

·         No programming skills needed,

·         Create or download Labs from the NUMECA library and benefit from a wide community experience through forum and online discussion

Key features

·         Open CFD through OpenLabs

·         Automatic FULL HEXA meshing with Hexpress™ & Hexpress™/Hybrid

·         Convergence accelerator with CPUBooster™

·         Access to all available MULTIPHYSCIS models

·         All type of flows & liquids from low to hypersonic regime



Examples of applications



·         initial free surface position for a VOF simulation

·         unsteady inlet boundary conditions

·         mass diffusion to track pollutant concentration

·         realizable k-ε model, round/jet anomaly correction

·         generalized transition models

·         time-dependent heat source

·         radiation optical properties, soot formation

·         droplet condensation model, cavitation models

·         heat source term added to a solid block


















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