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Applications that focus on different field of disciplines.
midas NFX - CFD: Sloshing with slamming

midas NFX - CFD: PlanarTrijunction

midas NFX - CFD: DamBreak Quad

midas NFX - CFD: FlowAround2DSquare

CFD: Backward facing step Re5000

Element Deletion on a 3D Plate/Beam model

Element Deletion for Plate under Tension

Element Deletion in midas NFX 2014

Metal Forming Project application

Pistol bullet crashing with nonlinear explicit

CFD analysis on FSAE racing Car

Project applications in automotive industry

Metal Sheet Roll forming


Nonlinear buckling comparison

FEA Analysis of Spur Gears with Midas NFX

Compression analysis of a rubber boot using Hyper elastic material

Drop weight test on wheel rim

Metal block rolling (Nonlinear Explicit)

Train Bridge structure interaction

Bike crank - Optimzation

Multiresolution shape and topology optimization of a table