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NUMIT is a group of company located in Malaysia that serve in ENGINEERING SIMULATION, BIRD NEST & B2C ONLINESTORE

We serve in providing Engineering simulation tools (Computer Aided Engineering, CAE) for RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT(R&D), PRODUCT DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT (D&D) and Lean Production System (LPS) for smart manufacturing system. We are committed to provide the most natural, untained NUMIT bird nest products to our customers as our mission. We do open the opportunity of BRANDING CONSULTATION in bird nest's business. We brought the possibilty of B2C online shopping platform by connecting business to you and you to business.

NUMIT Engineering

We provide you our engineering solutions in your design, research and development to sharpen your products' design more cost & time efficient and quality.

NUMIT Bird Nest

We are committed to provide high quality bird's nest products and consultation service for your own bird's nest branding.

NUMIT eStore

Our eStore, inspired by B2C (Business to consumers) enable you to have the best online shopping experience with the most lowest price and convenient. We open the opportunity not only for consumers, but business as well.


Why do our clients love us
Universiti Teknologi MARA

"Our faculty bought NUMECA FINETM/Open and FINETM/Turbo from NUMIT as an upgrade of the older version (FINETM/Hexa and FINETM/Turbo). We use it extensively mainly for research and for students' final year projects in the area of aerodynamic for external flows and thermofluids for internal flows. What I like the most from NUMIT is its support. NUMIT, represented by CJ, is always available whenever we need him. He is always there to help me and my students when we have problems in using the software. He also gives solutions to the problem. I'm sure my students appreciate all his helps as much as I do." Prof. Dr. Wira Wishnoe

University of Selangor

"We confident with the Computational Fluid Dynamic,FINETM/Open provided that support our initial design studies fast without the need of specialists. NUMIT provides us support via internet or personal visit with all queries are responded promptly. We are happy to share our experiences with others." Mdm. Piong Yee Hwong

Universiti Teknologi MARA

"I found that the meshing module, HEXPRESSTM, is very user friendly compare to others. It shows the meshing process in systematic (step-by-step) approach. The solver of FINETM/Marine uses the systematic approach to lead us to trace mistake easily. NUMIT has delivered a quality of service and I sincerely appreciate." Mr. Mohd Azahari Johan

Universiti Teknologi Petronas

"NUMECA's FINETM/Turbo is a world class Turbomachinery CFD Software." Dr. Nurul Hasan

Technip FMC

"At that time I was research engineer in DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering) R&D institute and concurrently lectured at a college which is subsidiary of DSME. They wanted me to give them a specific details about Finite Element Method so I had chosen midasNFX because they had some licenses. In DSME there were not any licenses of midasNFX so before then I did not know well about it. However, since then I got to realize the software is quite so good and well customized comparing to other softwares I was using such as MSC Patran/Nastran, ANSYS, ABAQUS, SESAM, and so on. Also contacting midasIT in Korea, I concluded their capability for development and promotion is very competitive as well as engineering capacity. So it is highly recommendable." Oe Ju Hwang, Ph.D


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